Treatment and Prevention of Shingles through Necessary Medical Support

November 18, 2019

The virus that causes chickenpox – varicella-zoster is the same virus that also causes the condition of shingles. It is said that people who have already been affected by chickenpox if they again come in contact with the virus, then they could develop shingles and not chickenpox. In certain other cases it has been seen that when a person gets affected by the varicella-zoster virus, the virus often lies dormant for years but can make its reemergence even decades later in the form of shingles. In such a condition you must have the required knowledge of shingles – treatment and prevention. This is how you can either avoid the situation or can manage the condition if faced with it.


Treatment Procedure


Talking of treatment of shingles timely reporting to the doctor is imperative. When you see a band of blisters appearing like a rash on any one area of your body or face and the pain from the rashes are quite acute, it is time that you take immediate appointment from a good and reputed skin doctor of your area. The skin doctor is sure to advise you with the best treatment option along with some proper medicines to treat your condition.

  • Antivirals – Dermatologist or the skin doctor often prescribes certain antivirals that can arrest the growth and the spread of the rashes of the shingles. These antibiotics can prove to be quite effective if they are administered within three days from when the rashes appear.

  • Anti-inflammatory – These shingles and rashes often happens to be rather painful and can cause major inflammation. Certain anti-inflammatory drugs are also prescribed for the same.

  • Certain creams and ointments can also be used to treat the blisters.

  • The skin area affected must be kept clean and as dry as possible. It should be kept open and the blisters must not be burst.



One of the best ways of preventing shingles is through the vaccines available for the prevention of this virus. Mainly two types of vaccines are in use. One of them happens to be the older version and the other is the recent version and slightly improved one. You need to consult your doctor for taking the vaccine. Generally, people above the age of fifty years can take the vaccine. Shingles is a form of skin blister whose scar marks may remain for a pretty long time even after the disease is completely cured. In such cases, visiting a good skin clinic or popular dermatologist is essential.

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