Ways To Remove Dark Spots And Wrinkles

March 14, 2019

Defying age is next to impossible but is a basic human desire to always look flawless especially for women. However, with advancing age, there can be a lot of hindrances that could prevent you from looking your best. Wrinkles and dark spots are one such bitter truths of ageing that could make your skin look dull and tired and snatch away the youthful charm you once had. While dark spots and wrinkles would be inevitable in one’s life, you can definitely keep them at bay for as long as you can with the right care. Some of the tips to prevent and treat dark spots and wrinkles are:


 Applying a sunscreen

Sun is not always your friend, especially when you know it is the number one cause for wrinkles and hyperpigmentation on your skin. The best way to protect your skin from harmful UV rays is by applying a sunscreen of suitable SPF.


Taking a wholesome and nutrient-rich diet

What you eat is what you are! This saying holds true for the way your skin looks also. Including all the macro and micronutrients in right quantity can work wonders for your skin and also stimulate the production of collagen for your skin.


Staying hydrated

It is not a secret anymore! The secret to a flawless skin begins with staying hydrated and consuming oodles of water every day. This imparts an unbeatable glow to your skin by flushing out the toxins from your body.


Following a good skincare regimen

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are the vital steps of any skincare routine and must be followed religiously. Choosing the right skincare products for yourselves and sticking to them is something your skin is going to thank you for.


Ditching some old habits

Habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption can accelerate the ageing process much faster and appear in the form of sagging skin, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, so it’s better to keep away from these things.

If it has been too late for following these tips and you already have dark spots and wrinkles around your face, then certain cosmetic treatments can prove to be a boon for people suffering from these skin troubles. Some of these treatments are



Laser treatment makes use of a focused beam of light that targets a specific pigment for removing the pigment particles on the skin. This can even out your skin and remove the hyperpigmentation on your skin.


Botox: Botox refers to the Botulinum toxin, commonly known as “botox”, is a purified protein that acts on the nerve-muscle interaction, that is widely used in dermatology for the reduction of the formation of wrinkles for giving you a younger, renewed appearance. It is a toxin created by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. The toxin is injected into a group of muscles, which controls frowning and wrinkling, with a very fine needle. Botulinum Toxin for the Treatment of Frown Lines (mid forehead, in between the eyebrows), Crow’s feet (side of eyes/cheeks), Horizontal wrinkle lines necklines. puckering of the chin, Wrinkles and fine lines on the bridge of the nose.


Fillers: Dermal fillers, commonly called "filler", refers to the bunch of injected products that gives a cost-effective, less invasive, and safer option for rejuvenation of your face. Injectable fillers are extensively used for improving the appearance of the skin’s contours. They can improve the filling out deep facial wrinkles, creases and furrows, sunken cheeks, skin depression and some types of scars.


Chemical peel

A chemical peel is an exfoliating method that removes the upper layers of the dead and dull skin. In this method, a chemical such as glycolic acid, lactic acid or salicylic acid is applied to the skin and removed after a certain time. This allows the upper layer of your skin to peel, beneath which is revealed the most youthful and supple skin.



Microdermabrasion is a non-chemical procedure in which smaller particles are used to exfoliate the dead skin cells and remove mild hyperpigmentation. It is recommended that you take 3-6 treatment sessions for every 2-4  weeks.



Microneedling is a procedure where steel roller made up of a medical grade stainless steel consisting of tiny spikes makes tiny injuries on the skin. This stimulates the collagen production and thus imparts elasticity to the skin. This greatly helps in the treatment of dark spots and wrinkles.


Thus, if you feel your wrinkles and dark spots are hiding your beauty, you can go for any of the treatment from the best cosmetic clinic and regain your youth once again.


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