Be Aware Of The Possible Side Effects In Laser Treatment

February 23, 2019


If aging or skin acne produces lots of wrinkles or scars on your face then get a laser resurfacing done on your skin that may enhance your skin look younger, smoother and healthier. Laser resurfacing is a cosmetic method which is a more intensive and invasive facial procedure of removing the skin layer by layer with precision. The new skin cells that form after healing give a tightened youthful appearance on your face. Only a board-certified cosmetic surgeon can perform this procedure very accurately to render successful results. Although the laser resurfacing cannot produce perfect skin it can improve the appearance of skin. Your doctor determines the best laser procedure for you considering your medical history, current health, and expected results. Side effects are minimal during this procedure if you choose the right surgeon who is well experienced and undergone proper training of the treatment.


What is Laser treatment for skin?

Lasers are the sources of high-intensity light that focuses accurately on small areas with high energy. The laser beam vaporizes your top layer of skin gently to get rid of wrinkles, scars or some blemishes. The broad spectrum of Intense Pulsed Light has the ability to treat blood vessels and improves your pigmentation.The procedure of laser resurfacing involves the following steps:

-The initial step involves the preparation of the skin surface before the treatment begins. This is done several weeks prior to the day of treatment to improve your skin tolerance and reduce the risks of side effects.

-On the day of treatment, the doctor applies a topical anesthetic to the area being treated to mitigate your pain and discomforts while undergoing the procedure.

-Next step involves gentle cleansing of skin to remove oil, dirt or bacteria.

-Then the doctor uses the selected laser to slowly move around the intended area of skin.

-Finally, he dresses the treated area to protect the skin at the end of the treatment.


Skin conditions that laser can treat:

Laser treatment is used to treat a variety of skin conditions and ailments such as:

  • Removal of unwanted hairs

  • Provides permanent solution for acne scars

  • Reduces aging skin problems such as wrinkles, spots, face lines on your face

  • Removing birthmarks

  • Helps to get rid of dark circles and sagging eyelid skin

  • Enhances skin tightening

  • Smoothens your skin by minimizing uneven skin tone and texture


Is it safe?

Yes, the treatment is absolutely safe if it is performed under the supervision of an experienced surgeon with intense precision. As the laser is a surgical procedure, it carries some risks but there will be no life-threatening complications.

The possible side effects of laser surgery include:

  • Postoperative pain, redness, swelling or itching might occur that can be combated using some pain killers. These symptoms usually subside in a few days after treatment.

  • The laser treatment makes your skin more sensitive to sun. After undergoing the treatment, it is better to stay away from the sun during the peak hours and apply proper sunscreen.

  • Cosmetic lasers produce better results on people with lighter skin tone. But there may be a risk of hypopigmentation(skin lightening) or hyperpigmentation (skin darkening).

  • Pulsed-dye lasers can sometimes cause bruising and blood vessels under the skin to leak. But this usually fades away on its own.

  • Scarring happens in the skin that largely depends on the type of your skin. Cosmetic lasers are used to treat scars but it damages the skin before it makes the skin better hence carry a risk of scarring.

  • There is a chance of fat loss in the skin especially facial fat loss occurs when radiofrequency treatments are given that shrinks the fat cells and it may result in a bony face appearance.


All these above-stated side effects can be potentially minimized by choosing our renowned clinic that is seeing innovations and advancements in cosmetic procedures day by day. Fix an appointment with our experts and find a better solution for your aesthetic issues.


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